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Export 60 tons loadometer why using split type structure?

Tianjin Mu constant weighing equipment Technology Co., Ltd is a professional company engaged in electronic loadometer production, sales and maintenance of the business, the company has a professional production team, sales team, service team, we choose to, I believe we will have a pleasant cooperation! Welcome to call the advisory!
General loadometer width of 3 meters of above, export loadometer for container loading to loadometer made 1.5 meters wide and one block, to the scene and then assembled into 3 meters wide loadometer. If made 3 meters wide, only a truncated cabinet mounted loadometer, so, freight to three times more expensive, for buyers is very uneconomical, so general export loadometer are made of 1.5 meters wide, easy to loading and transportation.
SCS series of export type electronic truck scale (exported type automotive loadometer) is the company's new product research and development, is designed and developed according to the universal standard container, has the advantages of convenient assembly, simple structure without affecting the scale strength, color fastness and accuracy, combined with high precision sensing device and a powerful English instrument. Products are popular in overseas markets, which have already been favored by foreign customers. At the same time, it can also be used for the domestic market with limited ultra wide transportation.

Container content size:
20 foot container: product of 5.69 m X2.13 m X2.18 m, distribution is generally 17.5 tons gross weight, the volume of 24-26 cubic meters.
40 foot container: product of 11.8 m X2.13 m X2.18 m, distribution is generally 22 tons gross weight, volume of 54 cubic meters.
Many in the purchase and export of electronic loadometer before do not know how to buy, Tianjin Mu constant weighing equipment Technology Co., Ltd. export loadometer manufacturers today to explain to you how to choose from foreign transportation, installation, maintenance, the strength of the manufacturers, to provide a full range of data etc.
出口式60吨地磅为什么用剖分型结构?出口汽车衡宽3米,超过了集装箱的宽度跟高度,装不进集装箱,出口式汽车衡是在加工时将地磅从中间纵向剖分,宽度1.5-1.7米就能装进集装箱了。出口式汽车衡主要是由秤台、称重传感器和称重显示仪表组成的平台式全电子化衡器。 具有精度高、操作简单、性能可靠、稳定性强、故障率低、安装移动方便、使用寿命长等特点。
Auto export scale wide 3 meters, over the container of the width and height, is not loaded into the container, export type auto scale is in the processing will be loadometer from the middle vertical section points, width 1.5-1.7 meters can be loaded into the container. The export type auto scale is mainly composed of a weighing platform, the weighing sensor and the weighing display instrument platform composed of electronic weighing instrument. The features of high precision, simple operation, reliable performance, strong stability, low failure rate, convenient installation and movement, long service life and so on.
The export of electronic loadometer features are as follows:
[1] U type main beam, middle split, with bolt connection, easy to install and remove.
[2] safety for 20 feet, 40 feet high, cabinet or open top container transport.
[3] junction box built-in, beautiful and generous;
[4] using U - shaped cold bending steel welding, the weight of high strength;
[5] plate precision welding;
[6] durable fastening structure, surface by sandblasting paint treatment, corrosion resistance.
[7] Note: do balance such principle is very simple take full account of the shipping container transport of electronic loadometer weighing body size limit, at the same time, it must take into account the stiffness of the scale body and end customer site installation convenience. Accordingly reasonable structure, quick installation, popular overseas market. At the same time can also be used for the ultra wide transport limited domestic market, if you need to know more please consult!

The export type electronic loadometer function introduction:
1 English interface operation, self-test function, tare memory function
2 setting overload limit, range automatic switching, shaft measurement function;
3 patch welding process, all industrial grade components
4 with a complete self-test function and a variety of error messages;
5 full digital automatic correction of four corners make debugging more worry, more effort;
6 can set the zero tracking range, boot set zero range and button
7.SCS export electronic truck scale product structure is simple, easy to install, no need to work staff on-site guidance.


The export type (loadometer truck scale) function in detail:
[1] real time clock, the film is not affected by the alternating current
[2] dynamic detection, digital filtering and automatic zero tracking function
[3] set the zero, peel, remove, set the skin, micro printer and other functions
[4] keyboard setting and correction
[5] print daily report, classification and statistical reports, various kinds of general statements, monitor the working parameters and the scale of the report
[6] Chinese characters personalized printing: users can according to their own preferences of the preparation of their own needs of the pound list format, you can print the name of Chinese characters, etc.

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